What is Lighttrain?

Welcome aboard friends and travellers alike to the LightTrain! I’m your conductor, but you can call me Gavin if you prefer. I am open to feedback on my features so I can improve upon it.

I have a fixation with film and cartooning, and those things combined with my great writing and a unconvincing backstory make Lighttrain! My favorite things include most films from the late 60s and throughout the 70s, a good slice of cornbread (or a pan for that matter!), people, comic books, writing short stories and drawing artwork for a bunch of pop culture properties. I’m also a sucker for great alternative or electronic music: For the former, I enjoy ‘Kings of Leon’, ‘Of Monsters and Men’, ‘The Lumineers’ and ‘The Postal Service’ – for the latter ‘Clark (specifically for the album Body Riddle) and ‘LFO’ (specifically for the album Frequencies).

This is the hub of a couple of entertaining shows, go ahead and find the ones that intrigue you: Myself reviewing everything from underground and obscure films to some of Hollywood’s newest offerings and even occasionally comics, books, commercials, TV shows, magazines and video games, or you can tune into our sporadic special events where you never know what to expect. Could we be having a live movie night, or am I hosting an awards show with my fellow movie and TV bloggers?

Thank you for reading and maybe check out a review if you would like to. And if you choose to follow the train by punching yourself a ticket then thank you again for supporting my work. Have a excellent rest of your day.

7 thoughts on “What is Lighttrain?

  1. Oh my goodness Gavin!! You write with the gravitas of someone 5 times your age! Outstanding! Your review is more entertaining than the movie itself. I’m looking forward to your next…👍

    Liked by 1 person

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