Volt Vulture Official Preview | This Thanksgiving Exclusively on Lighttrain

Lighttrain Productions invites you to the illustrated feature of the Thanksgiving season. From newcomer G.H. Nowak comes: ‘Volt Vulture‘. It’s a ballad of violence, betrayal and redemption like never told in this fashion before, at least we think.

It’s about three criminals: Roger Metrand, the one just trying to leave the crime behind him; Mel Andruzzi, a former martial arts vigilante with a real mean streak of inner demons; and Sonny Duncan, a getaway driver descending down the road of rage. Their journeys will intertwine in a bizarre blend of exploitation and art that will test their own emotional struggles.

The series is also a weekly one, releasing a new episode every Thursday until January 21; That’s 10 episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Featuring tracks played by:

The Centurions | Jim Reeves | Chicago | Jeff Wayne | Painted Faces | Al Hirt | Black Sabbath | Yamasuki | Charley Pride | Esquivel | Rear Exits | Tony Hymas | The Ventures | Dark Knights | Avenger VI | Pink Floyd and Link Wray and the Raymen


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