Schedule and Blog Updates [February 2021]

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! It’s that time of the month again… the time for announcements. This February is filled up with spy-fiction goodness, more lost media munchies, and a special Valentine’s day review baked up just for you guys. Without more delay, here’s some news for your palette.

As we kick off the month strong, part 3 of our very merry espionage Christmas will be a retrospective look on The Man Called Flintstone, a crazy oddball animated film starring Fred Flintstone of the titular Hanna Barbara series as a secret agent! Kooky stuff indeed. Plus a tangent about Boomerang and the forgotten Cartoon Network music videos, and a rare Japanese Flintstone bump. All that coming this Thursday. Then the following week I’m curating a mystery Valentine’s day romantic affair. It’s going to be a review for the rock and roll lovers out there. Later this month as well, expect Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession on our show Out of Order and the fourth and final espionage Christmas look-back.

Also in the scoop, thank you guys so much for 100 passengers to the Train! This truly means everything to me, and I’m grateful of your persistent returns and kind words. It’s so amazing to bond with others about vintage oddities and the like. Once again, my condolences. I would additionally feel like giving shout outs to smaller blogs similar to mine that I feel deserve equal, or even more, subscribers to myself. Go check out them here:

~ K. Barnett of “My Year(s) with Gary

~ Warren

~ Tia

~ The Flick Geek

~ Jon

For your information, I’m going to discontinue listing every single one of my subscribers at the end of all my weekly posts. Since that at this point I have reached 100, and who knows if it will grow even further in the next year, it simply absorbs far too much time. It may even eat up a fourth of the entire post. Instead, so I can still pay tribute to you folks, I’m going to infuse the list at the end of these updates post.

Well, thanks for stopping by and reading today, and catch you on Thursday. Tally ho!


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Thanks for tuning in!

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