“Lighttrain Derailed? What’s Next?” | Updates and Schedule for 2022

Hello, how are you? Thanks for reading, because I’m concerned nobody will… anyways, I’m back! Sort of. Sorry for my poor manners, I’ll elaborate.

So of course times have been turbulent, in more ways than one. It’s almost like we’re living in a science fiction movie, perhaps The Twilight Zone. That’s open for speculation. But just saying, “oh the world is real crappy right now” isn’t going to be a strong explanation for my absence. Firstly, I’ve been busy with a ton of school. This year especially is proving to be a challenge. In addition, my passion for the blog has burned out. I’m a person of many hobbies. My novel, filmmaking, cooking, drawing, exercising… I could go on.

Blogging just never seemed to fulfill me. Working on a post weekly, accompanied by an illustration, takes time, and my reviews became more rushed because of those deadlines. I felt that mediocrity was common. That, as you can guess, was not a good thing. I wasn’t running out of ideas, per say, but my other interests took up more and more of my time until eventually I stopped writing posts altogether.

I do want to return. However, my schedule may need to shift. It may end up being one post a month. Sounds odd going from weekly to monthly, though it’s going to be the best for me personally. At the moment, I’m aiming for two more years, which would equate to about 24-25 more posts before I retire from blogging officially. I feel that it will be for the better. My posts can be more in-depth, well-researched, have better artwork, and will offer me more rest. Tell you guys what, I’ll post a king-sized Halloween themed post come October. Then from there on out it will be monthly posts. No specific dates, though. I’ve since learned that doesn’t exactly help me at all.

Thank you so much for reading thus far. Is the train derailed? Well, it was, but we’re getting back on track.

5 thoughts on ““Lighttrain Derailed? What’s Next?” | Updates and Schedule for 2022

  1. Howdy, Gavin. I was wondering if you were going to return. I have a love/hate relationship with my blog, too. It is work…and we don’t get paid to do it.

    I have found that posting everyday is a huge pain in the ass. I try to do it every other day but, sometimes, I’m just not in a mood to post…and I don’t.

    Personal observation for you…one thing working against you was the length of your posts. They take longer to build (for you) and longer to read (for us). Why not just do a post on one movie instead of five. I remember when you put out the suggestion to find “food” words. I found it a bit difficult with so much to read. Most people have short attention spans. I’ve done really long posts, before, doing historical research…and I was worn out when I was done. This is not supposed to be a drudgery.

    That being said, I understand busy. You sound like you are up to your eyeballs. I do miss your wonderful drawings. You are very talented. You should sell them.

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    1. Thanks for understanding, Vic. That advice is good to keep in mind. I really hate putting off not just my blog but also not reading other people’s posts. And I was thinking about selling my art after I retire from blogging. If I’m going to get paid, mine as well have fun with it!

      Once again, thank you. I honestly thought that you guys would still be very bitter.


      1. I doubt anyone is bitter about your absence. I remember the days when blogging meant occasionally getting a comment via contact. There were no liking posts or liking comments…or even commenting. You knew you had readers via blog hit stats and some contact remarks. That was it. WordPress didn’t act like FakeBook. And, a rather large portion of bloggers did so to share with distant family members. Blogging predates FakeBook. WP didn’t have a newsfeed or a Reader back then. And, Blogger predates WP. Things were much simpler, then. Ever heard of Typepad? I remember the days when MySpace was bigger than FakeBook.

        Don’t kick yourself. Your blog, your rules. Do as you please. And, just as a suggestion, back up all your posts to the Web Archive or Archive.it You may find, one day, you want to return.

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