What is Lighttrain?

Welcome aboard friends and travellers alike to the LightTrain! I’m your conductor, but you can call me Gavin if you prefer. I am open to feedback on my features so I can improve upon it.

I have a fixation with film and cartooning, and those things combined with my great writing and a unconvincing backstory make Lighttrain! My favorite things include films and vintage adverts, a good slice of cornbread (or a pan for that matter!), people, book stores, comics, and writing for you guys! I’m a sucker for the blend of the whimsical and dark humour. I play games like X-wing and Dungeons and Dragons often, as well. For my taste in music, I adore such bands as: The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, They Might Be Giants, Journey, Death Cab for Cutie, Foo Fighters, Mumford and Sons, and too much more to count.

The Lighttrain isn’t all film though. We also occasionally cover video games, magazines, television and such. Every Thursday is a new post, so stay tuned! Our shows include Reviews, which are exactly what they sound like; Out of Order, a monthly series usually counting down a top five list or covering lost media; add some updates every month, short stories, art and marathons like our annual Octerror, themed review blocks, and exploitation trailer trash and sprinkle those in there as well.

Thank you for reading and maybe check out a review if you would like to. And if you choose to follow the train by punching yourself a ticket then thank you once again for supporting my work. Have a excellent rest of your day and stay stellar!

*last edited by G.h Nowak on November 13, 2020*

7 thoughts on “What is Lighttrain?

  1. Oh my goodness Gavin!! You write with the gravitas of someone 5 times your age! Outstanding! Your review is more entertaining than the movie itself. I’m looking forward to your next…👍

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