The Peanuts Movie Review: Is it Deserving of a "Good Grief"? – LightTrain

Bonjour, I am your conductor Gavin Nowak yet again returning to my helm of reviewing movies for your information and entertainment. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Peanuts comic strip or are just familiar with the holiday specials, I would recommend its first feature length endeavour [since 1980s Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (and Don’tContinue reading “The Peanuts Movie Review: Is it Deserving of a "Good Grief"? – LightTrain”

10 Followers! Thank You

Woo-hoo! Ten followers, that’s great. Well, I do suppose that isn’t amazing compared to other blogs but I don’t care. We here at the Train are thankful for everyone who chooses to support my work: To me, every subscriber counts! A special thank you to all of the following: Adhdlifeforever, Cnowak, Todd Russel, Lordvocemofbeyond, SimpleContinue reading “10 Followers! Thank You”

A Roger Rabbit Retrospective, and 3 Points of Living Animation – LightTrain

Clickety Clack Down the Track and welcome aboard once again! Just a brief reminder: I am not talking about the Oscars this year, as everyone else seems to pump out articles about it left and right and my posts take a longer time to make. For now, here’s one of my backup posts where IContinue reading “A Roger Rabbit Retrospective, and 3 Points of Living Animation – LightTrain”

Super Bowl Trailers – Sonic, Groundhogs, and Minions – LightTrain Extra

It’s the Super Bowl again. Why do most people appear to jammies for the Big Game even if they aren’t football fans? Well, for the previews, what else? Movie trailers have been peppered throughout the Super Bowl since 1996, when the memorable quote followed an ad for the upcoming blockbuster Independence Day: “Enjoy the SuperContinue reading “Super Bowl Trailers – Sonic, Groundhogs, and Minions – LightTrain Extra”

LightTrain – Month in Quiz #1

It’s Friday! Woo-hoo! The welcome gateway to the weekend has arrived and I myself am wondering where I can visit to have some exceptional fun before Monday whizzes back like a boomerang to whack me. But today is a rather eventful Friday, since a shiny new monthly series has been throttled into left gear… TheContinue reading “LightTrain – Month in Quiz #1”

The Aeronauts Review- LightTrain

What’s up, I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak as usual and I’ve had a bunch of free time ever since the Train’s breaker combusted. In light of this, I settled on watching a few feature films, one of which was The Aeronauts that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The second movie I watched I willContinue reading “The Aeronauts Review- LightTrain”

Ghostbusters (1984) Review: Ghosts, Ghouls, and Giggles – LightTrain

Salutations and welcome back aboard the train. Answer this: Who you gonna call? That’s right, the pizza delivery man. But for real, there’s no doubt that Ghostbusters is a decent mixture of humor, action, and the paranormal wrapped up with a bow. But, why? How is this seemingly silly film starring a gargantuan marshmallow mascotContinue reading “Ghostbusters (1984) Review: Ghosts, Ghouls, and Giggles – LightTrain”

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back Review – LightTrain

Greetings and welcome aboard! I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak and today let’s take the train back to 1980 and take a close look at The Empire Strikes Back. As you know the presumed “end” of the saga has just been released recently hence why I have decided to examine probably the most praised entry inContinue reading “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back Review – LightTrain”

Frozen 2 Review: Solid Sequel, Messy Movie – LightTrain

“Advancing Technology will be our Saviour and our Downfall”. -Olaf the Snowman Hello and welcome aboard the train; I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak. Today we will be looking at Frozen II which is the 58th Walt Disney animated feature and a follow-up to the universally beloved Frozen from 2013. I think that Frozen is aContinue reading “Frozen 2 Review: Solid Sequel, Messy Movie – LightTrain”

Aladdin 2019 Review – LightTrain

Nostalgia is an odd topic, isn’t it. The folks over at the Mouse House -as many media buffs like me know – Love to exploit nostalgia in their audience to make them multi-billionares. One case out of many is their live-action incarnation of Aladdin, which is adapting the 1992 ‘toon classic by the same nameContinue reading “Aladdin 2019 Review – LightTrain”