Frozen 2 Review: Solid Sequel, Messy Movie – LightTrain

“Advancing Technology will be our Saviour and our Downfall”. -Olaf the Snowman

Hello and welcome aboard the train; I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak. Today we will be looking at Frozen II which is the 58th Walt Disney animated feature and a follow-up to the universally beloved Frozen from 2013. I think that Frozen is a satisfactory cartoon adventure musical, it was never really my cup of tea but I understand that it has a audience who love to watch it time and time again. Can Frozen II warm my ice-strucken heart this time around? Let’s find out. ( SPOILER ALERT)

The film follows Queen Elsa and her energetic little sister Princess Anna, who along with their troupe of best friends Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, and the hilarious Olaf who’s Frosty’s only real competition for most popular talking snowman, on their venture to discover a mysterious voice which Elsa believes could be the roots of her ice powers.

First off, the animation. What do you expect from Disney? It’s gorgeous and really shows how much the art of computer graphics has grown since the classic Toy Story from 1995. I especially relish the vivid backgrounds in the Enchanted Forest and the Autumn theme with leaves as orange as a pumpkin. The character movements and expressions have been enhanced since the first movie, too. But I don’t like judging a movie by just effects alone, so let’s dive into the rest shall we?

The music is on par with the first overall, but come on, everyone knows “Into the Unknown” was trying hard to be the next ” Let It Go”, but luckily Into the Unknown is actually a good song and does it’s own thing (my favorite song from the bundle honestly). The characters are also given an upgrade from the first in their animation and personality. Elsa got the biggest boost and I can tell ’cause I actually liked her dynamic in this one way more than Frozen. Olaf is also better in this one because of his self-refrientral humour in this film like the line in the beginning of the post. Everyone else didn’t make much of an impact. Also, am I the only one who knew that Olaf wouldn’t stay dead or did you notice the trope as well, let me know!

In the end, I personally prefer Frozen II to it’s predecessor because of it’s improvement of the cast of protagonists, the dazzling animation, and the story that builds upon the first ones mythology and universe. I’m giving Frozen II a 7/10! Thank you lots for reading the post, he sure to check out more, and write down your opinions in the comments below.

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