40 Subscriber Special! – Updates – The Future of Volt Vulture – QnA

Greetings again and deepest condolences from your conductor G.H Nowak for 40 subscribers! Thank you everyone that actually enjoy reading my opinions, it’s a true blessing to have all of you. Shootout to all my remarkable passengers:

Afterwards I highly suggest visit some of those blogs. You never know, you may even follow them. 🙂 As for my Email subscribers, here’s their well-deserved recognition:

  • Bob
  • Cnowak
  • Lordvocemofbeyond
  • Cathy Sirvatka

Apologies for the hiatus I’m doing, though remember a ton of projects are still in the making. For the disaster double-review, I haven’t squeezed in 4 hours yet to binge both yet so it will be delayed again for a bit longer. Luckily, other posts including another episode of Out of Order (btw, thank you for the high viewership of episode 1!) and a Pixar 4-part mega review, Star Wars: Clone Wars microreview on May 4th and talking about Twilight Zone “rip-offs” are all in the writing process. I’d say that the next post will be Episode 2 of Out of Order on Thursday or sometime close to that.

What about Volt Vulture? The first draft is complete and sealed but character designs are still being touched-up. I’m so very sorry I can’t show you the concept art yet like I said I would. Disappointing, indeed.

A preview with all the concept art, the first scene of the story, and a full synopsis will probably be released in early June while the first chapter will be launched sometime in September with a new chapter every week until mid-December.

Now its come time for a little QnA segment I thought would be fun. Let’s begin!

  • Q. Where do you live? A. Temecula, California, though I consider Oahu, Hawaii my true home.
  • Q. What is your biggest quirk? A. Hmm.. That I watch old TV commercials for fun. I dunno why they’re just so captivating.
  • Q. What inspired you to get into blogging? A. Well, when I was younger people would always say how great of a writer I was. I still continued to write constantly and I was originally planning to make LightTrain Reviews a YouTube channel. However, my editing and filming skills were floundering and I hardly had any good software. Thankfully a friend of mine who also blogs suggested I do that as well; I coincided and ended up here.
  • Q. Favorite Tv show/anime? A. I really enjoy ‘Space Ghost Coast to Coast ‘, ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ (another inspiration), ‘Animaniacs’as you can tell I’m more of the witty and dry comedy kind of guy. I don’t watch a lot of anime but I have enjoyed segments of ‘Trigun‘, ‘Cowboy Bebop’, ‘Lupin the III Part II ‘ and ‘The Big O ‘.
  • Q. Favorite Celebrity? A. Eh… Ralph Fiennes and Keanu Reeves I suppose. Wait, are those celebrities?
  • Q. What is the best ice cream flavor? A. The best? If I’m speaking for everyone I’d say Vanilla (since everyone’s at least OK with it) but my personal favorite is Rocky Road or Coconut.
  • Q. What Books do you absolutely love? A. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Dune and Trash: The Graphic Genius of Exploitation Movie Posters.
  • Q. Are you a Dog person or a Cat person? A. I like both but since I have a pet cat I guess I’ll side with them.
  • Q. Which upcoming projects are you excited for? A. Mostly the Dune movie and Masters of the Universe: Revelation on Netflix.
  • Q. A yellow fruit? A. Pineapple.
  • Q. Are you done? A. Mm-hm

Again thank you everyone for the support and love and I’ll see you guys later. Buh-bye!

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