Volt Vulture Official Preview | This Thanksgiving Exclusively on Lighttrain

Lighttrain Productions invites you to the illustrated feature of the Thanksgiving season. From newcomer G.H. Nowak comes: ‘Volt Vulture‘. It’s a ballad of violence, betrayal and redemption like never told in this fashion before, at least we think. It’s about three criminals: Roger Metrand, the one just trying to leave the crime behind him; MelContinue reading “Volt Vulture Official Preview | This Thanksgiving Exclusively on Lighttrain”

The Aeronauts Review- LightTrain

What’s up, I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak as usual and I’ve had a bunch of free time ever since the Train’s breaker combusted. In light of this, I settled on watching a few feature films, one of which was The Aeronauts that is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The second movie I watched I willContinue reading “The Aeronauts Review- LightTrain”