6 of my Favorite Halloween TV Specials [Out of Order] | Octerror 2020

Is that juice you have? Blood!? Oh, “blood”, okay got it. Apologies and welcome back aboard. I’m your conductor tonight, creeping forward with our Octerror marathon. While the many slasher film franchises like Friday the 13th and of course Halloween are there to watch annually, we cannot forget the Halloween television specials that are thereContinue reading “6 of my Favorite Halloween TV Specials [Out of Order] | Octerror 2020”

Top 8 Lost/Destroyed Horror Films | (Out of Order)

Oo-ooo-o, velcome to the Lighttrain! I’m your conductor here again vor yet another epizode ov Out ov Order! Alright, enough of the vampire impression. For now, or course. When Hollywood has just become big and silent films were being produced, the major studios didn’t feel that the films being released should be preserved, and theirContinue reading “Top 8 Lost/Destroyed Horror Films | (Out of Order)”