How My Ratings System Works

1/10 – Garbage Movie “Avoid”

Pretty much unwatchable. Every single element is stained, and redeeming qualities are nonexistent.

2/10 – Awful Flick “Not worth your time”

Slightly more better than a One. These are usually just as dreadful, but this time around there is at least one redeeming feature, like a specific scene or certain character you liked.

3/10 – Pretty Bad ” Ignore “

Simply put: A boring film. You find yourself constantly checking to see when it’s over.

4/10 – Mediocre “Wait for streaming”

Nothing special. Mostly leaves you craving more.

5/10 – Guilty Pleasure ” If you’re interested, check it out”

As the name implies, a movie that isn’t solid quality-wise, but a very entertaining and fun watch.

6/10 – Alright “Wait for DVD or Blu-Ray”

This is the first “Good” rating. Your glad you saw it, but you have no interest seeing it again in a jiffy.

7/10 – Good ” Recommended”

A film that you can recommend to anyone. Like mediocre, nothing groundbreaking, but unlike that rating movies with a Seven are still very enjoyable.

8/10 – Great “See it in Theaters”

A solid, entertaining experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

9/10 – Excellent “Highly Recommend”

A near flawless film, but had a spot or two that stained it overall, though very mildly.

10/10 – Golden Reel ” Definite Must-See “

It speaks for itself. A very watchable, amusing, heartfelt and beautiful blend of a flick.

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6 thoughts on “How My Ratings System Works

  1. A scale of 10 sure leaves more flexibility than 5-stars like I use. Have often thought of expanding to 100 point system, because in reality the more movies reviewed, the harder it gets to draw comparisons on why one movie is rated the same as another when there are so many different factors.

    Then again, the other side of me says: who cares that much about ratings? The only really important metric is whether or not you would recommend to another person to see. I find it interesting that on a lot of movie sites this information in a review is completely missing. You can’t tell whether or not the movie is recommended. That’s the #1 thing I want to read in any review, period. Are you suggesting that I watch it or not? Where should I watch it? See it in the theater, wait for it on streaming, buy it on physical/digital media?

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