How My Ratings System Works

1/10 – Garbage Movie

Pretty much unwatchable. Every single element is stained, and redeeming qualities are nonexistent.

2/10 – Awful Flick

Slightly more better than a One. These are usually just as dreadful, but this time around there is at least one redeeming feature, like a specific scene or certain character you liked.

3/10 – Pretty Bad

Simply put: A boring film. You find yourself constantly checking to see when it’s over.

4/10 – Mediocre

Nothing special. Mostly leaves you craving more.

5/10 – Guilty Pleasure

As the name implies, a movie that isn’t solid quality-wise, but a very entertaining and fun watch.

6/10 – Alright

This is the first “Good” rating. Your glad you saw it, but you have no interest seeing it again in a jiffy.

7/10 – Good

A film that you can recommend to anyone. Like mediocre, nothing groundbreaking, but unlike that rating movies with a Seven are still very enjoyable.

8/10 – Great

A solid, entertaining experience. Nothing more, nothing less.

9/10 – Excellent

A near flawless film, but had a spot or two that stained it overall, though very mildly.

10/10 – Golden Reel

It speaks for itself. A very watchable, amusing, heartfelt and beautiful blend of a flick.

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