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G’day Mate, and welcome back aboard. If you’re new here, I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak; Pleased to meet you! In these stirring times whatever that may mean to you currently, a goofy comedy movie or show is excellent medicine. And the icing on the cake, no side effects! Thankfully I switched on a quaint film that’s full of humor called Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and although it hit hilarious highs it also plummeted rather deep. Now, here’s the Lighttrain take on The Holy Grail: Let’s get this show on the road.

The flick is at its core a collection of segments glued together by a summarized plotline: Located way back in 932 A.D. Britain, King Arthur is searching the land for men who are brave and pure at heart to become his Knights of the Round Table. Along the search, Arthur and his men are given a new quest, to retrieve the holy grail itself. Can the Knights dodge many silly dangers and obtain the Grail?

As briefly mentioned The Holy Grail is unlike the hundreds-of-thousands of comedies in that it’s entirely made up of interconnected, medieval-themed skits. If your craving context, the eponymous ‘Monty Python’ in the title is referencing the lampoon troupe who had previously been known best for their sketch show Monty Python’s Flying Circus on the BBC in the early 1970s. This pretty clearly explains why the film’s structure is like this, since it’s what the Pythons are familiar with. Using the construction of a sketch series can also accompanied by its own pitfalls. For example…

The differing quality of the segments. When the Monty Python gang strike gold, they strike it out well. Scenes like the Knights of Ni, debating about witch hunting, the murderous rabbit, the taunting Frenchmen to even the opening credits are ripped straight out of a mind of comic artistry, and never fails to amuse me. However, a grim chunk of the middle including the castle filled with concupiscent women and Lancelot mistakenly vanquishing attendance at a wedding celebration represent the weeds inhabiting a fruitful garden. Throughout the feature, you may wonder if the climax shall leave a foul taste lingering in your mouth. Without revealing too many facts, it depends on the type of humor you savor though I personally enjoyed it.

The Holy Grail is an explosion of zaniness, and with a feature so galvanizing I think I would say I prefer Monty Python in portions rather than a full length film. Not that it’s necessarily overpowering perse, just that it matches my preferred pace.

While most certainly not everyone’s style, the non-stop enthusiasm is difficult to detest. Sure it has it’s low points, but it resurrects your inner goof with stellar wit and a undeniable talent for what the Pythons have designed. It’s not their most even work, but it might possibly be their funniest.

RATING: 7/10 “Definite Reccomend”




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18 thoughts on “Monty Python and The Holy Grail Review – LightTrain

  1. I must have watched this 25 times as a teenager. I love comedy and I laughed all the way through this every time. Up In Smoke was another, and Airplane. I still love the goofy comedies. Knights who say Ni, It’s just a flesh wound, the rabbit, how they made galloping horse sounds, cleaning a carpet with a cat, bring out your dead – LMAO. I’m going to need to watch this soon! I also loved The Meaning Of Life!!!

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    1. Ohh, yeah Airplane! That ones a classic. If you’ve never seen the sequel, I would say it’s just as funny as the first, but kind of a retread.

      I hope I did The Holy Grail justice. Thank you for coming aboard; later!

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  2. Great review! In fact, I noticed it’s on Netflix now and I was already thinking of watching it tonight. Your review got me jazzed to see it again. I know all the classic moments, but they still make me laugh when I actually see the talent in action. Nice job!

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