Special of the Month and Updates [September 2020]

May I have your attention please… Oh, welcome back aboard, friend! Just another update post to use as a reference for the month of September. We started with a review of the cheesy 90s action movie Waterworld last Thursday so if you’re interested and haven’t read it already then that would mean a bunch to check it out. On this month’s episode Out of Order we’re going over the kookiest brand mascots out there. Ever heard of King Vitaman? No? Well, tune in later this month to find out.

Not much exiting announcements otherwise this month. Trust me, next month has something very interesting in store! The Special of the Month is still being figured out, but it may have to do with my Letterboxd so make sure to check out what’s going on at my account for updates and so on and so forth.

Hope you all are doing well! One announcement I remember now is that I may talk about video games more as well. I already went over Dragon’s Lair, and I already have a couple ideas. Go ahead and comment on some of your own ideas; always open to them!

Have a good one. Later

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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10TH | Underrated Disney Classics from the Vault

4 thoughts on “Special of the Month and Updates [September 2020]

    1. It’s where people can talk about movies, my friend! Hence why I promote my account on my film blog. And no, not in Hawaii anymore sadly. I should update that. Thanks for stopping by; new post a little later today.


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