Jurassic Park (1993) Retrospective | Lighttrain

Salutations, long time no see! I am your conductor. Sorry for any concern or bitterness involving my inactivity. You see, long story short, I have now been resurrected from the grave and got this train back up and running. Today let’s look at the Steven Spielberg classic Jurassic Park. Because, summer is the season ofContinue reading “Jurassic Park (1993) Retrospective | Lighttrain”

Blog Updates and Happy Easter [April 2021]

Hi, how’s it rolling? Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. This is just another rapid-fire updates post for the up and coming month. For one thing, I will not be having a review this Thursday. Believe me, I’m disappointed as well. We were going to look at the documentary film The King of Kong, butContinue reading “Blog Updates and Happy Easter [April 2021]”

Schedule and Blog Updates [February 2021]

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! It’s that time of the month again… the time for announcements. This February is filled up with spy-fiction goodness, more lost media munchies, and a special Valentine’s day review baked up just for you guys. Without more delay, here’s some news for your palette. As we kick off the monthContinue reading “Schedule and Blog Updates [February 2021]”

New Year’s Hiatus and Blog Updates for 2021

Hey, how’s it going? Welcome back to the Train; I am your conductor as usual. Well, we have a new year ahead of us, 2021. And, despite all the pitfalls and rough times and shutdowns regarding this historical era, I can see a glimmer at the end of the tunnel. This up and coming yearContinue reading “New Year’s Hiatus and Blog Updates for 2021”

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Review: and the Heart of Blockbuster Cinema | Lighttrain

Back in April of 2019, which I can’t believe has been so distant from now, I sat in a cinema with an enthusiastic crowd to watch Avengers: Endgame. Of course, taking into consideration the fanbase the Marvel films have accumulated over the last decade, filmgoers cheered and shared their equal satisfaction. I may not haveContinue reading “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Review: and the Heart of Blockbuster Cinema | Lighttrain”

Our 1 Year Anniversary and Blog Updates [November 2020]

Hello there, I see you’re come for answers. No worries, because I’m here to serve you some. To start, this month is the Lighttrain’s anniversary! Yes, we’ve been around for a year, and all you fantastic folks are now honorary passengers for joining during the early stages of the blog. My first 3 or 4Continue reading “Our 1 Year Anniversary and Blog Updates [November 2020]”

Octerror 2020 Event and Blog Updates [October 2020]

Welcome back to the Train, friend! Here to kick off the new month is a freshly baked update post for you. Hey, I just thought of something. Now, I love food. While it wouldn’t be my career choice, I do thoroughly enjoy cooking and such. I noticed that I tend to use food and itsContinue reading “Octerror 2020 Event and Blog Updates [October 2020]”

Special of the Month and Updates [September 2020]

May I have your attention please… Oh, welcome back aboard, friend! Just another update post to use as a reference for the month of September. We started with a review of the cheesy 90s action movie Waterworld last Thursday so if you’re interested and haven’t read it already then that would mean a bunch toContinue reading “Special of the Month and Updates [September 2020]”

Special of the Month and Blog Updates [August 2020]

Hey there, how’s it rolling? This is yet another quick update post to kick off the month with. For announcements, stay tuned for the Peanut Butter Falcon review this Thursday. Later on this month also includes Pixar reviewed volume 2 where we’ll be chronicling The Incredibles to Up, and on Out of Order we’ll lookContinue reading “Special of the Month and Blog Updates [August 2020]”