Octerror 2020 Event and Blog Updates [October 2020]

Welcome back to the Train, friend! Here to kick off the new month is a freshly baked update post for you. Hey, I just thought of something. Now, I love food. While it wouldn’t be my career choice, I do thoroughly enjoy cooking and such. I noticed that I tend to use food and its phrases metaphorically speaking many times on the Train. In light of this, I challenge you guys on a scavenger hunt type thing to hunt down and comment on this update post all the various times I bring up food throughout my reviews. Good luck to those who… actually desire to do so! Man, off to a great start, aren’t we?

Any who, on the topic of announcements! As it is the Halloween season, the entire month is going to be a marathon of spook-filled reviews and whatnot. Of course, one episode of Out of Order where I’ll share a few of my favorite Halloween themed Tv specials, including the classics and even one or two odd picks as well. Thankfully, there’s more Thursdays in October because of the first day being, you guessed it, that one day. We’ll kick things off with a review of Joe Dante’s Matinee this Thursday; don’t miss it!

The Train is additionally nearing 100 grand passengers soon, so keep spreading the word! I have something incredibly special indeed planned for that special post, trust me on that.

Otherwise, I wish you the best on your journey, whatever that may be. Stay stellar, and g’ night!

12 thoughts on “Octerror 2020 Event and Blog Updates [October 2020]

  1. I love food…too much so that is great.
    I’m looking forward to October! Frighten us to death!

    My favorite Halloween special? The Paul Lynde Halloween Special…So bad that it’s good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, about that. I accidentally posted it too early (already wrote it, but was waiting for Sunday to spread posts out a bit better). I then trashed it, recovered it the next day, which automatically made it public again. I then edited it so it was at the top.

      Oh and yes, you can make fun of you wish. Mainly just comment back on this update of all the references you found.


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