Saturday Night MONSTERVISION!! A Tribute to Tnt’s Classic 90s Block | Octerror 2020

Welcome back aboard the Lighttrain and Happy Halloween! I’m your conductor; On this very special night I’ve written a bonus retrospective for the occasion. As frequent passengers will recall, I have a penchant for revisiting – or rewatching – retro commercials on my spare time. They’re such an uniquely engaging time capsule, blasting back to television past. But some of my favorite ads were always for Monstervision, a late night block of movies that aired exclusively on TNT throughout the 1990s. We’ve come a ways, haven’t we? Thirty One days of chilling anticipation for a this beloved holiday. And therefore, to tie up this month long marathon of goodies, let’s get this show on the road and go back… to Monstervision!

Monstervision Promos & Other Goodies

What’s your favorite Godzilla movie? Mine is the original Japanese version from the 30s.
Ray Harryhausen was a special effects genius who is best known for his work on Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans. I have a retrospective on his films planned for April! Stay tuned for that.
Okay, that was called for. “Moonstervision” , who came up with that? Whoever did, I hope he got a raise!
This is no thanks to how stores have already put up Christmas products. Are they trying to diss Halloween? I mean jeez, at least wait until November 1st.
So if you were ever wondering if there was a film called Gog, your welcome.
Which version of The Blob do you prefer? For me, it’s the 1968 version. From Steve McQueen to the corny style, including this intro, it’s just a more fun experience for me.

Man, why can’t more horror movies have bops in their intro? Apologies if this post was a bit of a letdow- no. No, stay back. STAY BACK!!

S-sorry about that, passengers. The creature from the back of the Train came and attacked me. It’s dead now, I think. No need to worry. I’ll simply… throw the corpse from the Train and pray it doesn’t come back for us. *gulp* T-that was Octerror 2020, folks. Thank you for reading tonight, and I wish you the best for what’s to come. Later.

Elsewhere, in the grass. A few feet from a railroad track. There lay a mutilated body, rotting in the bushes. Smudged over in a liquid mud, it moves. It moves ever so slightly. And then, eyes wide! It slowly creeps its hand down it’s torn open chest, taking out each organ one by one. As the creature slips away from life, the intestines start to slink. To crawl. Away into the fern it squirms, thirsty for vengeance…

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