Our 1 Year Anniversary and Blog Updates [November 2020]

Hello there, I see you’re come for answers. No worries, because I’m here to serve you some. To start, this month is the Lighttrain’s anniversary! Yes, we’ve been around for a year, and all you fantastic folks are now honorary passengers for joining during the early stages of the blog. My first 3 or 4 reviews aren’t very good, but hey, practice makes perfect! And I can’t wait to continue to practice more for another year, with you guys no less. Believe me, the first era of the Train was merely the foundation; I’ve already got a batch of special posts throughout year two planned out. While there isn’t a weekly post of some sort to celebrate this occasion, I still thought I could pull something out of my hat. And what is it, you ask?…

Well, before we announce that entirely separate topic, let me go over some of the more routine announcements. We just finished an excellent month of Octerror (expect it to return in 2021!) so November is taking it more relaxed when it comes to special posts. On this month’s episode Out of Order, we’ll take a look back at Dr. Seuss’ only live-action creation, The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. Then on Thanksgiving day, the Train pays tribute to Mystery Science Theater 3000, a series where a human and his two robot companions poke fun at some of the most low-budget and harebrained sci-fi flicks of all time. Read along on this Turkey Day tradition!

Now to the anniversary news. Since I appreciate all of your contributions to the Train so much, you get to nominate the theme for the Train. You read correctly, you guys can vote for this blog’s theme. Simply comment below or on any other post from the blog released before November 3, 2020 for which song you think is most suitable for the honor. Here are the songs up for nomination:

Happy City ~ by Sven Libaek

Last Train to London ~ by Electric Light Orchestra

Last Train to Clarksville ~ by The Monkees

Cast your vote… It is Election Day after all! Volt Vulture is still being written, and it may come out later then hoped. Better late than never though, I suppose. I’ll be auctioning new art pieces on my Instagram very soon; maybe next Wednesday at the earliest. You can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/g.nowak_art/. Wish you guys a good one! See you on Thursday. Later.

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