What’s This? Another Update! That Conductor Really Has It Coming For Him… | Lighttrain

Yo, how’s it going? For me, not so well. Right off the bat, I must clarify that the absence is entirely my fault and no one else’s. I was certainly busy, sure, but also incredibly lazy, and I apologize for that. Thank you so much for your patience too! I was honestly surprised that I hadn’t lost any subscribers since I vanished. Then again, this blog isn’t necessarily that vital to your lives, but just the mere fact that you’re reading this right now means a lot.

So, what’s next? Well, a few things. I’m going to need to ease my way back into posting regularly again because getting back into that flow again after so long will be difficult. Chances are, don’t expect it to be weekly, but I will always post when I can. A few other notes is that I will be having a trip in April and I’m moving to Illinois in August. Those things will likely mean no posts during those respective times. Otherwise, stay hopeful!

Upcoming posts haven’t changed much, but I do aspire to be more eclectic with it. Of course, movie reviews for Dune, Tick, Tick…Boom, Koyaanisqatsi, The Terminal, and Son of Rambow are all in the works. One of my favorite series on this blog, Trailer Trash, I’m hoping to give another episode or two because they really are a ton of fun to write. I was also planning for other retrospective throwbacks such as looking back at Saturday morning cartoons, the Satanic Panic brought upon by the rising popularity of VHS in the 80s, the indie film boom of the 90s, and a show called Eiga Meihemu that examines the colorful world of Japanese cinema. I also had a unique idea of a series where we can read and laugh at some ridiculous internet fanfiction. There’s some wild stories out there, trust me. I can’t give any guarantees for this though; I’m worried it may be a little too strange.

Anyways, I just wanted to keep this straightforward for you guys. Thank you once more for taking a few minutes out of your day to revisit the train. I will see you again very soon. Peace out!

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