Super Bowl Trailers – Sonic, Groundhogs, and Minions – LightTrain Extra

It’s the Super Bowl again. Why do most people appear to jammies for the Big Game even if they aren’t football fans? Well, for the previews, what else?

Movie trailers have been peppered throughout the Super Bowl since 1996, when the memorable quote followed an ad for the upcoming blockbuster Independence Day: “Enjoy the Super Bowl, since it just might be your last… ” which began the popular trend. These were made for those who don’t mind for the Big Game, the pretentious celebrity halftime show, or the various over-the-top chip and beer commercials, and even today they are still expected to pop up during the myriad breaks.

Despite the money that’s required raising extensively, some studios still believe that the bargain is worth their buck. Let’s examine this year’s offerings and talk about a couple of them, in no particular order, for your mere entertainment. Let’s get this show on the road!


Premiering last Friday was the highly anticipated look into the eighth sequel in this thrilling franchise. The synopsis is rather doddle to piece together, the key points being that Cipher, the antagonistic wrench from the team’s previous venture, is roping Dom’s long gone brother Jakob (played oddly enough by John Cena) into hunting down his sibling’s crew. With this in hand, Dom is yet again forced into reassembling his team to rid of this pest once more. If you noted the structure I framed that phrase , you might assume that my most noticeable issue with this trailer is that I believe that this series is shrugging off a quality story… Your right. Although the stunts and entertainment values seem tolerable, I always desire the flicks I watch to depict a brilliant story, and F9’s is nothing short of creative rubbish. Oh yeah Han’s there, too.


Apparently, fewer trailers are starring in the spotlight this year due to the price to fill a spot surging excessively. Paramount Pictures has taken leverage, notwithstanding, by aiming to air their ads during the cheaper pre-game slots, one of these being Sonic the Hedgehog, which stems from the popular SEGA character. It features multiple athletes advocating for a fellow who sounds like some true competition, before questioning what they’re even touting for. Wa-la! It was merely the blue blunder directing the whole thing, although this evokes a bit of query, like how did they somehow draw a blank when he’s sitting amongst you. No matter, since it soon presents random segments plucked from the film and then concluding without much explanation. The promos best element for me is Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik; he’s clearly having fun in this role and his campy mannerisms remind me of some of his most notable performances in ‘The Mask’ and ‘Batman Forever’. Otherwise, we’ll have to await if this possible trainwreck will hold audiences attention.


The third movie profiting from Nickelodeon’s long-lived mantle since 1999, Spongebob Squarepants, is set to flow into cinemas this Summer. And, in the same light as David Hasslehoff playing a minor role in the first flick branched from the brand, ‘Sponge on the Run’ features cameos by Snoop Dog and Keanu Reeves (his disembodied head, no less). There’s also plenty of miscellaneous goodies sprinkled across the board to, as listed above, however our goofball’s pet snail, Gary, has all but vanished. The animation is like nothing I’ve witnessed before on the silver screen before, and if anything, experimental animated features have proved to be quite marvelous (examples of these include ‘Klaus’ from SPA studios and ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ‘ from Sony Pictures Animation). I’m not too passionate about seeing this, as I’ve only managed a couple classic episodes of the show on the tellee, but I am pretty hopeful for it’s success so that mainstream companies will take a gander at freshly bizarre styles and techniques.


As today is not only the Super Bowl but also Groundhog Day, this commercial was shown to pay tribute to the original film. Basically, the entirety stars Bill Murray, returning as weatherman Phil Conners, accompanied by his furry friend getting warped in the loop again, but are able to transform each duplicate day into an adventure in a Jeep Gladiator. I’ll repeat that again, Bill Murray and his furry friend are able to savor every identical day in a Jeep. Bill Murray and his furry friend are able to savor every identical day in a Jeep. Bill Murray and his furry friend are able to savor every identical day in a Jeep. Oh no – I’m trapped in a loop myself! Bill Murray and his furry friend are able to savor every identical day in a Jeep. Bill Murray and his furry – Stop this! – friend are able to savor every identical day in a Jeep. Bill Murray and his furry friend are able – Why me! Why me! – to savor every identical day in a – (sigh) – Jeep.


It’s the final countdown! Yes, this is the last ad I am talking about, and boy was it – something. When this first came up on the screen, I was chit-chating with a friend but I caught this in the corner of my vision, and began looking back and forth between the tellee and my buddy. When the whole thing wrapped up I could only say: ” Wait, what? “. On second viewing, it was muted by a circulating voice in my mind whispering “Who even wanted this? Are people still going to pay for these enlarged yellow tic-tacs?” . Now, this movie looks like utter nonsensical garbage but there is components I can admire ranging from what I would assume is a recognition of blaxpoitation and king fu aspects to the wee easter eggs like a hidden display of golden era Mad magazine. Will the movie be good though? I think not.

Thank you very much for tuning in and I hope you can check out more editorials and reviews from the Train or become an email subscriber if you would like to. Later!

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