Super Bowl Trailers – Sonic, Groundhogs, and Minions – LightTrain Extra

It’s the Super Bowl again. Why do most people appear to jammies for the Big Game even if they aren’t football fans? Well, for the previews, what else? Movie trailers have been peppered throughout the Super Bowl since 1996, when the memorable quote followed an ad for the upcoming blockbuster Independence Day: “Enjoy the SuperContinue reading “Super Bowl Trailers – Sonic, Groundhogs, and Minions – LightTrain Extra”

LightTrain – Month in Quiz #1

It’s Friday! Woo-hoo! The welcome gateway to the weekend has arrived and I myself am wondering where I can visit to have some exceptional fun before Monday whizzes back like a boomerang to whack me. But today is a rather eventful Friday, since a shiny new monthly series has been throttled into left gear… TheContinue reading “LightTrain – Month in Quiz #1”