Blog Updates and Happy Easter [April 2021]

Hi, how’s it rolling? Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. This is just another rapid-fire updates post for the up and coming month. For one thing, I will not be having a review this Thursday. Believe me, I’m disappointed as well. We were going to look at the documentary film The King of Kong, but it’s already Monday and I don’t have anything done. Stress is the last thing I need right now. Plus, Easter and a family gathering tomorrow on Tuesday have also clogged up my schedule. If you haven’t already, I have a new Trailer Trash and a Ray Harryhausen retrospective you can read to tide you over.

But what do we have after that? Well, I’m very glad you asked! We have volume 4 of our Pixar review package, where I will score 5 more movies from their catalog. Out of Order will feature with its penultimate episode, as the season will go on to conclude in May. I’ll keep the episode incognito, but know that it is a continuation of a major fan favorite. And of course, The King of Kong. All those are this month in the same order I listed them.

Honestly, to much else to add. Thank you for tuning in week by week. I’ve been busy with many of my other projects and passions (*cough* my novel *cough*) and thus haven’t made time to check out my passengers blogs. I genuinely aspire to change that notion. Sorry for the absence, but the Conductor is back! Later, for now…



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One thought on “Blog Updates and Happy Easter [April 2021]

  1. *cough* your novel *cough* huh? That made me laugh. Your approach to writing is still stellar Gavin. Glad to hear that you’re not overloading yourself and stressing out. I’m heading in that direction too. I shall check out the review you mentioned. Stay awesome. 🙂

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