Frozen 2 Review: Solid Sequel, Messy Movie – LightTrain

“Advancing Technology will be our Saviour and our Downfall”. -Olaf the Snowman Hello and welcome aboard the train; I’m your conductor Gavin Nowak. Today we will be looking at Frozen II which is the 58th Walt Disney animated feature and a follow-up to the universally beloved Frozen from 2013. I think that Frozen is aContinue reading “Frozen 2 Review: Solid Sequel, Messy Movie – LightTrain”

Aladdin 2019 Review – LightTrain

Nostalgia is an odd topic, isn’t it. The folks over at the Mouse House -as many media buffs like me know – Love to exploit nostalgia in their audience to make them multi-billionares. One case out of many is their live-action incarnation of Aladdin, which is adapting the 1992 ‘toon classic by the same nameContinue reading “Aladdin 2019 Review – LightTrain”